BTK Matlab Wrapper  0.3dev.0
Matlab bindings for the Biomechanical ToolKit library (BTK)
btkGetMarkers Class Reference


Extract markers from a given biomechanical acquisition.

[markers, markersInfo, markersResidual] = btkGetMarkers(h)
hHandle pointing to a C++ btk::Acquisition object.
Return values
markersStructure with the markers' values. Each fieldname corresponds to an force's label (see note #1).
markersInfoStructure with the informations related to the markers.
  • markersInfo.frequency: Point's frequency
  • markersInfo.units: Structure with one one field labeled ALLMARKERS with the unit (string) of the markers.
markersResidualStructure with the markers' residuals related to the 3D reconstruction error.
Detailed description:
Note #1: Check the page Field's name format in extracted structures to understand how the fieldnames are formated.
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