BTK Matlab Wrapper  0.3dev.0
Matlab bindings for the Biomechanical ToolKit library (BTK)
btkTransformTDFToViconC3DFile Class Reference


Transforms a TDF file (BTS Bioengineering) to a compatible Vicon C3D file.

btkTransformTDFToViconC3DFile(TDF_INPUT, C3D_OUTPUT)
TDF_INPUTFull path of the input TDF file.
C3D_OUTPUTFULL path for the output C3D file.
Detailed description:
Several modifications are done in the data file:
  • First the data are transformed in millimeters and Newton-millimeters.
  • The coordinates of the markers and the geometry of the force plateforms are also modified to have the Z axis as the vertical axis. These modifications correspond to a rotation of 90 degrees around the X axis.
  • The force plates are converted from type I (FX/FY/FZ/PX/PY/MZ) to type II (FX/FY/FZ/MX/MY/MZ).
  • Finally, the analog channels used by the original force plates are deleted.

btkTransformTDFToViconC3DFile(TDF_INPUT) transforms the file and write it in the same folder but the extension C3D is concatenated to the filename.

btkTransformTDFToViconC3DFile(TDF_INPUT, C3D_OUTPUT) transforms the file and write it in the given output filename. The given pathname (aka folders) must exist. Be sure that the given output has a final C3D extension. Otherwise, the ouput file could be in another format or raise an exception if the extension is not recognized.