• The documentation came back!

    The documentation of the API (C++, Matlab, Python) finally arrived on the GitHub server!

    The following links give you access to it:

  • BTK is evolving to become a bigger project!

    Since 2009, the project BTK helped lots of people to simplify data management and accelerate their development. In 2015, during the 33rd ISBS congress, I announced the future of BTK with the integration of biomechanical models (e.g. computation of joint kinetics and kinematics using conventional models like Plug-in Gait or Helen Hayes).

    One year later, this comes true!

  • DevLog 09.2015

    Another month passed and new progresses were realized on the new API. All the code to create filters, link them together, and run a pipeline is available!

  • Mini website for Mokka copied on GitHub

    Because Google disabled several things on Google Code, the mini-website for Mokka does not work anymore. A copy was done on the new website to still be able to visualize the features of Mokka. The website is accessible here.

  • DevLog 08.2015

    This month the development focused on the implementation of the new pipeline mechanism.

  • DevLog 07.2015

    This month the development was split in two parts:

    1. Design of the new pipeline mechanism
    2. Reverse-engineering on the QTM file format (Qualisys)

  • Python Cheat Sheet for BTK 0.3

    You will find a nice cheat sheet offered by Fabien Leboeuf (University of Salford, UK) giving all the necessary and useful information regarding the usages of BTK into Python.

  • ISBS2015 workshop presentation is available online

    In case you missed this information on Twitter or on the mailing-list, the slideshow of the workshop given during the ISBS 2015 congress is now online. You can download it using this link.

  • ISBS2015 workshop

    We are very proud to announce that we were invited to the 33rd International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports to present the usages and evolutions of the project!

  • New about page

    The page About tells the evolution of the project Biomechanical ToolKit since its origin. This page will be updated each time a major change will come.

  • Official project repositories moved to GitHub

    All the mirror code repositories on GitHub are now the official ones. Due to the differences between Google Code and GitHub, each part of the project has now its own repository (core, python, mokka, documentation, data, etc.).

  • New website!

    Because Google Code will close soon, the project is moving to its GitHub mirror. With this moving, we profit of the tools proposed by GitHub to re-structure the project. This gives us also the possibility to create a true website and not a wiki only. This new website will be improved during the next months to centralize all the information related to the project (user guide, developer guide, media, etc.)

  • Peer-reviewed article accepted

    We have the pleasure to announce you that a peer-reviewed article is now available for BTK and Mokka. This paper can be used to cite the project in your study.


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