BTK Matlab Wrapper  0.3dev.0
Matlab bindings for the Biomechanical ToolKit library (BTK)
btkCropAcquisition Class Reference


Crop the acquistion and adapt the events' frame/time.

btkCropAcquisition(h, startAt)
btkCropAcquisition(h, startAt, numFrames)
hHandle pointing to a C++ btk::Acquisition object.
startAtInteger containing the frame where the cut will start.
startAtNumber of frames to keep.
numFramesHandle pointing to a C++ btk::Acquisition object.
Detailed description:
btkCropAcquisition(h, startAt) keeps all the frames from the frame startAt. The function shifts also the events' frame/time by adding the difference between the new first frame and the old one. For this adaptation, the sample frequency must be non-null.

btkCropAcquisition(h, startAt, numFrames) keeps exactly numFrames frames starting from the frame startAt.
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