BTK Matlab Wrapper  0.3dev.0
Matlab bindings for the Biomechanical ToolKit library (BTK)
btkGetEvents Class Reference


Extract events from a biomechanical acquisition.

[events, eventsInfo] = btkGetEvents(h)
hHandle pointing to a C++ btk::Acquisition object.
Return values
eventsStructure where each filed corresponds to an event's label
eventsInfoStructure with additional informations
  • eventsInfo.subjects: contains the name of the subject for each event
  • eventsInfo.units: Structure with one field named ALLEVENTS for the unit used by the events.
Detailed description:
The value of each field in the output event corresponds to the time(s) where this event occurred. If the events represent actions realized by more than one subject, each event starts by the name of the corresponding subject. The time(s) of each event are reordered. Events are also reordered based on their first time.

Events' time are computed using the following formula: t = (event_frame - first_frame) / sample_frequency
Hence, an event set to the first frame of the acquisition, will have a (relative) time computed to 0.0 second.
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