BTK Matlab Wrapper  0.3dev.0
Matlab bindings for the Biomechanical ToolKit library (BTK)
btkGetEventsValues Class Reference


Extract events' values from the given biomechanical acquisition.

[times, labels, descriptions, ids] = btkGetEventsValues(h)
hHandle pointing to a C++ btk::Acquisition object.
Return values
timesMatrix of real values containing the time of each event. These times are not sorted.
labelsArray of cells containing the label (string) of each event.
descriptionsArray of cells containing the description (string) of each event.
idsMatrix of integer values containing the ID of each event.
Detailed description:
Events' time are computed using the following formula: t = (event_frame - first_frame) / sample_frequency
Hence, an event set to the first frame of the acquisition, will have a (relative) time computed to 0.0 second.
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