BTK Matlab Wrapper  0.3dev.0
Matlab bindings for the Biomechanical ToolKit library (BTK)
btkReadAcquisition Class Reference


Read an acquisition's file (C3D, TRC, ...)

[h, byteOrder, storageFormat] = btkReadAcquisition(filename)
filenamePath of the file to load.
Return values
hHandle pointing to a C++ btk::Acquisition object.
byteOrderString containing the byte order of the file (see note #1).
storageFormatString containing the storage format used in the file (see note #2).
Detailed description:

This function returns an handle h of a biomechanical acquisition stored in file filename. This handle is returned as a double and can be only used with the btk* function. The release of the memory associated with the handle h can be done automatically by Matlab when you use the command clear all, or you can use the function btkCloseAcquisition. The use of the function btkCloseAcquisition is greatly advised when you are doing batch processing as Matlab does not manage the C++ memory and an "Out of memory" error could be thrown.

For more informations about the file formats read by BTK, check the Read and written files in BTK page.

Note #1: The possible values for the byte order are:

Note #2: The possible values for the storage format are:

See Also
btkCloseAcquisition, btkWriteAcquisition