Informations to use and build Mokka


Mokka includes an HTML documentation which will be opened in your internet browser when you click on the menu Help > Mokka Help.

You can also browse the same documentation online.

Feature Requests / Issues

If you have any questions, you can contact us on the forum.

Software requirements

The distributed binaries are standalone packages. You don't need other software or library to use Mokka on your computer.

Mokka is available for Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista and Seven) for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.
Mokka is also available for MacOS 10.7 or greater for 64-bit architecture.
No binary is (yet) available for Linux, but Mokka was tested under Ubuntu (10.04) without any problem.

Hardware requirements

Mokka was tested on several configuration based on Intel or AMD processor without any problem. However, it is required that the computer supports the OpenGL standard used to draw the content of the 3D views as well as the charts. Most of the graphic cards support the OpenGL standard.

Only one user reports a display problem due to an Intel chipset embedded in his laptop. However, this problem seems more related to the drives as others users have laptop with Intel chipset.